Marley Spoon takes the children meal kit industry by storm

Meal kit service was such a hoax in my eyes, as a protective parent I would not let my child consume anything that was far from “clean”. I would be super careful about what I put in those tiny bodies. I am a parent of 4 kids and it comes tough to keep up with their diets. But then came a blessing in disguise that changed everything. I broke an arm, that’s right! I broke my arm.  

I was put at bed rest and I just knew that my partner will not be able to help me out as much with the cooking with a full time job. So when my neighbor came in and recommended Marley Spoon to me, I was happy to take her word for it! She even gave me a Marley Spoon promo code to make things better for me.

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My journey with Marley Spoon Promo Codes

I started off with the baby blends, making my way through the finger foods and then to the vitamin boosters. I have to say that I was more than impressed by their careful consideration over the proportions and nutrients. I got to control the nutrition value of the food and the amount of food they were eating.

Weaning off the youngest

My youngest one was on the weaning process and after I broke my arm, it just made sense to reduce the breast feeding. I was sure that this would be the hardest. However, things were better with the incredible delicious baby blends. The diverse tastes made it easier for me to get the baby off breast milk.

Everyone around me was surprised with my success and give the credit to Marley Spoon for making it ten times easier.

So easy, your children can do it

My main concern was feeding the children as my middle children are still depended on me to eat. But with Marley Spoon it became so easy that my eldest one was doing the feeding. The food comes in a plate packing, all you have to do is eat it up in the microwave and you are good to go!

The sick, the weak and the constipated

As if breaking my arm was not enough, the entire house got a whiff of the cold. All my children went through a phase of cough, sneezing and what not! Fortunately, I had a backup apart from antibiotic. I ordered tons of vitamin boosters that helped my kids get back into shape with.

One of my middle children, had a really bad case of constipation and by getting the gut cleaning booster, I was saved from crying moaning and a hospital trip.

The company also provides other booster sachet that helps build immunity and as a cautious mother I wanted my children to have the best immunity. Therefore I didn’t stop at anything to get these sachets, stocked them and added them to their daily routine. I am thankful to Marley Spoon that I was able to recover without lacking as a parent!