Constitutional Concepts Foundation

is dedicated to teaching the American People the precepts, concepts, and principles
that guided our Founding Fathers in their creation of this great nation.

Our mission is to restore a true understanding of the principles behind the
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States of America,
by defining the powers and the authority that We, the People granted to our governments
in our Federal and State Constitutions,

Only when we fully understand who we really are, and know the truth about
our God given unalienable rights, can we fully enjoy the blessings of
Liberty and Freedom established for us by our Founding Fathers

Our primary objective has to be the education of our youth in the laws of proper government.

In our Republican form of government, We, the People, are ultimately responsible
for the oversight of our government. No knowledge is more important, and no duty
more pressing than communicating these principles to our children, who will be the future
guardians of the liberties of the country.

This Web Site exists for the sole purpose of providing the information, documents, assistance
and encouragement needed for a comprehensive study of the Declaration of Independence,
the Constitution for the United States of America, and the many
other documents pertaining to our Liberty and our Freedom.

We present documents that have been created over the centuries,
and expand upon concepts that have been developed by the great minds of the ages.

These are the concepts and documents that declare, and define,
our Life, our Liberty, and our Freedom -- all part of our God given unalienable rights

You can examine the original version of the Constitution for the United States of America,
with all of old-time spelling and original punctuation retained,
or you can study a detailed analysis of the Constitution with thoughts and hints for deeper study

As our Web Site grows we will offer the same study opportunities for each of the
Constitutions for the several States

Please do not accept anything published herein at face value -- You are responsible for
knowing and understanding the provisions in the Constitution.

Your knowledge is the only way you may properly protect and secure your unalienable rights.

Only by doing your own independent research can you gain the necessary knowledge to
establish in your own minds the knowledge of what is true, and thereby protect yourself
and your family from the persecutions of an unjust government.

Only when we understand, can
We the People
be truly free to enjoy our God given rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

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