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We have received an e-mail from the
Federal Election Commission

establishing the fact that we are properly organized
and do properly exist

Dedicated to teaching the truth about the establishment of our Country
and preserving the Republic
established by our Founding Fathers

The principle documents creating the United States of America are available
simply click on a link to find what interests you

The Declaration of Independence | The Constitution for the United States of America | Other Historical Documents
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Constitutional Concepts Super PAC is firmly committed
to the Statement by George Washington in 1796

"A primary object ... should be the education of our youth
in the science of government.
In a Republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important?
and what duty more pressing ... than ... communicating it
to those who are to be the future guardians of
the liberties of the County"

Therefore, we will use our funds to:

Support those Candidates for Local, State, and National Office who
espouse our philosophy, and sign our pledge form

Work with our elected officials at all levels of Government to
make sure our Constitutional Values are preserved

Create and offer Constitutional Study Courses in our Public Schools
that reward the students with Scholarships, Recognition, and Awards

Establish tours of our Historic Sites that will offer enhanced educational opportunities
to understand the History of our Country

Please keep Checking back for details to be announced

Please make your donations to:

Constitutional Concepts Political Action Committee
8129 Courtyard Loop, Suite 7
Park City, Utah 84098


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