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Freedom Cooperative Association is an alliance between individuals, businesses, and governments that is designed to improve the lifestyle and efficiency of its Members.

Freedom Cooperative Association provides a way to effectively participate in the exploding barter industry by offering a wide variety of goods and services through our Exchange Pool.

Freedom Cooperative Association is flexible enough to benefit individuals, communities, businesses, and government bodies.

Freedom Cooperative Association is a highly sophisticated and totally new economic system that is not designed or intended to replace your current economic system – which, by the way, is also a barter system- it simply gives its members the flexibility to choose which system will benefit them most.

Unlike your current system where the government creates your money – with Freedom Cooperative Association you create your own money by pledging to exchange your goods and services with other members.

That's right ! !

You create your own money, and your Freedom Credits can be used as soon as you have created them.

Just as in your current system, you trade your goods and services for money so you can buy the things you want, with Freedom Cooperative Association you trade your goods and services for Freedom Credits so you can buy the things you want.

Unlike most other world currencies, which have no intrinsic backing, every Freedom Credit is fully backed by the goods and services of its Members. Your Freedom Credits are better than the fiat money now in circulation.

Freedom Cooperative Association's real strength is that it frees its members from the need to pay interest on everything they do. There is no interest charged on funds that are advanced from the "Line of Credit" created by your pledge and, better yet, there is no commitment to pay any minimum amount each month.

The things you buy with your Freedom Cooperative Association Credits are yours. Freedom Cooperative Association does not take a lien against anything you buy with Freedom Cooperative Association Credits, as we already have your signed pledge to repay what has been advanced against your commitment as you trade and exchange with other club members.

This same opportunity can help your business in exactly the same way

A pledge of the goods and services offered by your business will provide interest free capital for business expansion, to purchase new merchandise, to redecorate, or whatever your business need may be.

Your Local, State, and Federal Governments can pledge the services they provide, which will create the Freedom Cooperative Association Credits that will allow them to eliminate all interest bearing debt, have the funds immediately available for all projects, do away with time constraints on repayment of loans, and to more effectively meet the needs of their People.

Membership in Freedom Cooperative Association may eliminate the need for many of the taxes now being levied

Freedom Cooperative Association calls itself a Barter Club -- which it is.

You need to understand that every economic system on earth is also a Barter Club.

In the United States we trade our goods and services for Dollars -- the only thing they're good for is to barter for the things we want.

But we also need to understand that every dollar in circulation has been borrowed by someone who is paying interest on their loan.

What is Barter?

Barter is exchanging your goods, or services, for the things you want, or feel you need.

Barter is a fast, efficient, and cost effective alternative to buying things with interest bearing cash, and interest bearing loans.

Why do People Barter?

Most people barter because it creates special opportunities and meets needs that may not be filled in any other way.

Some people barter because they fear for the stability of their local money, and, others barter just for the fun and excitement of doing something different.

How does Barter Work?

You should know – You've done it for your whole life

We all exchange our time, our goods, or our services for local money, which we later exchange to buy the things we really want

Whether you exchange directly for the things you want, or you trade for something that can be traded later, doesn't matter

It is still barter

We have all bartered all of our lives without really understanding our true economic arrangement.

Why Barter in Today's World?

Over the centuries, many government currencies have come and gone, while barter, the oldest economic system, is still flourishing today

Through membership organizations, organized barter is a growth industry, growing at an average annual rate of 12%, with over $100 billion in exchanges reported last year

As we stated initially Freedom Cooperative Association is designed to enhance the lifestyle of its members

We, at Freedom Cooperative Association are firmly convinced that we have accomplished our goal of creating an alternative economic system that can, and will, provide the necessities of life to our members in such a way as to bring major benefits that will enrich and enhance their lives


Unlike our current economic system, where you trade your goods and/or services for money, which is created and controlled by the government, and which must later be exchanged for the things you want, in the FCA system you pledge your goods and/or your services to create your own money that you may then use to acquire the things you want. Any time you need more money you simply increase your pledge, and create what you need. Your credits can be used as soon as you have created them.

If this seems strange, just stop and think about the fact that when you borrow money from a bank to buy a car, or a home, you have not only pledged what you are buying, but you have pledged your work, and your services, as a guaranty of repayment of the loan. By the time you have paid off the bank, you will have paid way more than what you borrowed. This is the result of the interest charged by the bank.

Freedom Cooperative Association operates in a much different fashion.
• No interest is charged or paid on any transaction
• Goods and/or services pledged to the Pool are available to all Members
• Better yet, you have not committed to pay any monthly payments on your obligations

You repay your commitments as you provide your goods and/or services to other Association Members.

Those credits created by you providing your goods and/or services to other Members may be passed on to your heirs as their inheritance. Credits created by your pledge cannot be passed on.


To be really and truly free, you must be free from your interest bearing debt.

As an Association Member you have the opportunity to use your Freedom Credits to pay off your interest bearing debts. You are not out of debt, you now owe the other members of the Association, but, you have eliminated the monthly payments and the interest that destroys the ability of people to handle their finances.

This same opportunity can help your business, and, it will even work for your Local, State, and Federal Government.

A pledge of the goods and/or services offered by your business will create Freedom Credits for the business. The benefits to the business are similar to the benefits to individuals. The business will be able to expand its operation, to stabilize its bottom line, and enhance its ability to operate profitably.

Governments can be Members of the Freedom Association. Imagine a government that can meet the needs of its Citizens without the need for debt. The government can pledge services and receive Freedom Credits in return. When a government operates without interest costs, it is much easier to plan and to budget, and it is much more effective. It may even eliminate the need for taxes.

The big problem with our current economic system is that it is centered around paying interest. Every dollar in circulation has been borrowed by someone who is paying interest on his, or her, loan. Everything we do seems to be tied up in interest, or taxes. It's no wonder both the husband and wife have to work and the kids run loose.

Freedom Cooperative Association is offering an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle. You can acquire the things you want, or feel you need. Without the high cost of interest and taxes to eat up your resources, your lifestyle can, and will, change.

The Association offers a fast, efficient, and cost effective alternative to buying things with cash, or with interest bearing loans.

Freedom Cooperative Association creates special opportunities and meets special needs that may not be filled in any other way. It creates a very stable economic system because it is controlled by the Members themselves.


Download and complete the Membership Application Form and send it with your Lifetime membership fee of only $100 to Freedom Cooperative Association at P. O. Box 1715, Sandy, Utah 84091. All of the benefits of membership will be yours.

The Form includes space for you to indicate what you are pledging in order to create your own money – your Freedom Credits.

Attach a photo of yourself, and of those family members for whom you have ordered Membership Cards, showing only from the shoulders up, so that we may put the pictures on your Freedom Credit Cards.


Your pledge, establishes an immediately useable "line of credit" that you may use to purchase goods and/or services in the Association Pool. When your Membership Application Form is approved, your Account will be credited with the amount of your pledge, and your $250 Lifetime Membership Fee. All members are encouraged to use their newly established Freedom Credits immediately. Successfully completed transactions result in more activity, brings in new members, and adds to the variety of goods and services in the Pool.


Remember, Freedom Cooperative Association does not pay interest on any account, nor does it charge interest on any Freedom Credits that have been created by the member. Our unique program opens the door to financial stability.

Business expansions can be handled quickly and easily, eliminating the need to apply for, or to qualify for, a loan. Merely pledge enough additional goods or services to cover the cost of the planned expansion. Cash flow for your business, will be improved since there are no interest charges or loan fees.

The sale of Surplus or seasonal inventories may be enhanced through the Freedom Cooperative Association.

Unnecessary business expenses are eliminated. Collection problems are reduced. There are no worries about bad checks. Credit Card charges disappear. The Association's simple procedures assure you of receiving proper credit, immediately, for any sale you make through the Freedom Pool.

Freedom credits are posted to your account as soon as the properly completed Draft is received by Freedom Cooperative Association. A sale is handled just like any other sale. Your sales personnel are already trained and the procedures are familiar to everyone involved. Posted credits are available for immediate use.


No medium of exchange is any better than the people using it perceive it to be.

Whether gold or silver coins are used, or printed currency, the value is no better than public acceptance.

How long has it been since you got a $2 bill in change?

What about a Susan B. Anthony Dollar?

The public did not like that currency and quit using it. It's still carried as part of our currency, but nobody cares.

The Freedom Credits in circulation, as a result of pledges by Assocaition Members, are fully backed by the value of the goods and services pledged by the Members, which includes the gold, silver, and other precious metals donated by National Gold, Inc.

There are many other Members who, like you, are fully committed to making the Association work for everyone's benefit.

As membership grows, the total value of the Freedom Pool, and the variety and quantity of goods and services available, will also grow. The Association will grow fastest through the efforts of its members. As members need things they will many times locate the product or service and bring the business into the Association so they can buy the product or service with Freedom Credits.

Any current member who brings in a new member will receive a bonus of 500 Freedom Credits and a cash commission of $50.00. The current member will also particpate in a Multi-Level Royalty Program where they will receive a percentage from the purchases of the new member they brought into the Association.


The Association, as an organized Merchandise pool, will attract new customers. It will increase your business profits, and, it will preserve your cash flow.

In an organized exchange company, trading is done with "fellow members" who have the same commitment to honesty, integrity, and truth, that you have. Together, everyone will accomplish more, and enjoy the benefits to be derived from a successful exchange.

No other Economic System offers the innovative opportunities and distinctive features of Freedom Cooperative Association.


Download the Membership Application Form.

Fill out the Membership Application Form and send it to:

Constitutional Concepts Foundation
P. O. Box 1715, Sandy, Utah 84091

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