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The Declaration of Independence

As important as the Constitution is to all of us the real document behind everything
this country claims to be is the Declaration of Independence

It is the Declaration of Independence that makes our claim
to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Declaration of Independence is the General Partnership Agreement of We, the People

It is the Declaration of Independence that forms the basis for creating
our Federal Constitution and the Constitutions for our several States

The Constitution does not grant us any rights
The only power the Constitution has is what we have given it

Especially not Constitutional Rights -
The term "Constitutional Rights" is a smoke screen created by those
who would steal our rights and enslave us

We, the People used our God given unalienable rights to establish our Constitution
and to create and empower a government designed to secure our unalienable rights
and to effect our freedom so that we may fully enjoy it, and then pass it on to our posterity
just like the Declaration of Indpendence says

We, as the Declaration of Independence correctly
states were given all of our rights by our Creator

We then caused the Constitution to be created
and allowed our Federal Government and our several State Governments
to use some of our rights for OUR BENEFIT

For the exclusive benefit of the People

Not for the benefit of the government officers
-- our employees

Declaration of Independence

Analysis of Declaration of Indpendence

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