I want to set forth a very basic fact, and in doing so, define some of the basic terms used by our Founding Fathers:

Our Sovereignty was established by God,
declared in the Declaration of Independence,
claimed in the Revolutionary War,
and secured in the Constitution for the united States of America

Knowing this -- we must now define our terminology so that everyone fully, and thoroughly, understands the meaning of that statement.

When God gave Adam and Eve dominion over all things on the face of the earth He made them sovereign. A sovereign is a ruler, a king, a person with all power within the realm of their sovereignty. Our Sovereignty does not reach into the realms of Heaven, but God made us all powerful here on the earth. A person who is sovereign has sovereignty.

Created, formed, made. When God made man He also created our Sovereignty.

The supreme being that we worship as our creator, superior to all other beings relative to our very existence. The person that created the world on which we live, the animals and vegetation that surrounds us, and who created you and me.

Sent forth for public notice and notification. Boldly stated concept.

Declaration of Independence:
That certain document, dated July 4, 1776, that was written to, and presented to, the King of England. The document DECLARES that each of us are sovereign individuals with unalienable rights that have been granted to us by God. The rights are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Something that cannot be sold, cannot be bartered, cannot be traded, cannot be stolen, cannot be taken away by any means whatever, Our Unalienable Rights are what make each one of us sovereign, and therefore give us sovereignty. Our Sovereignty cannot be sold, it cannot be bartered, it cannot be traded, it cannot be stolen, it cannot be taken away from us by an means whatever, it was given to us by OUR GOD, and if we fail to use it, then we lose it, BUT, only until we wake and take it back.

Many times I have seen the word inalienable used in place of unalienable. Unalienable is the word actually used in the Declaration of Independence, but, Bouvier's Law Dictionary - 6th edition - 1853 - gives virtually the same definition of both words, i.e., something that cannot be sold or traded.

The basis for ownership of a property or a right, especially sovereignty. Just as a miner stakes his claim on his mining property, we too have staked our claim of being sovereign on the fact that God gave us our Sovereignty. Every lawsuit is based on a claim by one party or the other, and the prevailing party is said to have proven his claim. By winning the Revolutionary War we won our case and have claimed our Sovereignty.

Fastened, immovable. The Preamble to the Constitution for the united States of America states that the Constitution is established, by We the People, for the purpose of securing the blessings of Freedom for ourselves and our Posterity.

As in Constitution for the united States of America. Because We the People, permitted our States to form a more perfect union through a Constitution, the use of the word for is the correct and appropriate word. The Constitution is FOR the united States. It is NOT a Constitution OF the United States, which would imply that it is the formation of a government superior to the States. The word for implies a treaty between the States that is officered by certain people FOR the benefit of the States and the Citizens of the States.

united States of America:
Notice the small "u". This is purposely done to emphasis the fact that it was the States that united together to create the treaty that created the federal entity. Just as we today have a United Nations Organization that has no absolute power over the individual nations that created it, our Founding Fathers created a United States that has no absolute power over the individual States that created it.

Further -- it is impossible to be a Citizen of a treaty organization. There are no Citizens of the United Nations and there cannot be Citizens of the United States -- only Citizens of the united States. Each of us is a Sovereign Citizen of the State in which we reside.

Remember, the State has only the powers that we have permitted it to use, and the Federal union has only the powers that the States could grant.

I say "could grant" because it is impossible to give something that you do not have. The People gave no Sovereignty to the States and they therefore had no Sovereignty to grant to the Federal union.

Please, Please, PLEASE -- get out your copy of the Constitution FOR the united States and study it. Go through the Declaration of Independence because it is the cornerstone of our freedom, our power, our authority, and our unalienable rights.

It is the cornerstone of our Sovereignty.

I cannot emphasize enough the need to discard the misconceptions and blatant lies that we have been fed over the years. Only through diligent study, with a truly open mind, can you discover who you really are, what rights and powers you really have, and then to effectively use them to secure the Blessings of Liberty for yourself and your Posterity.

General Manager
Constitutional Concepts Foundation

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