Basic Concepts


In order to carry on an informed discussion it is necessary to define
the Basic Concepts behind our subject matter.

It is not enough to have simply read the Constitution.
We must understand what the Constitution really is,
why it was written, and most important, how it really affects us.

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We have lived our entire lives with the knowledge
that there are certain laws that exist.

These laws are Natural Laws, such as the Laws of Nature,
the Laws of God, as found in the scriptures,
and the Laws of Man, as found in the in the books and records of a Nation.

Our relationship to these various Laws differs
depending on our circumstances.

While the Laws of Nature are constantly at work in our environment
we are more apt to use the Laws of Nature to enhance our ability
to create modern tools and devices to make our lives more comfortable.
The Laws of Nature affect us, and we are aware of them.
If we violate some of them we may be severly injured or incapacitated,
but, we generally do not have to function in compliance with them.
It is not necessary that we vibrate at a certain frequency so we can
emit light waves of a particular color.

On the other hand, we are totally and fully bound by the Laws of God
because He is our Creator and as such has defined, by Laws, the limits
and bounds within which we are to operate and function.

We may, or may not be subject to the Laws of Man. Our situation depends
on the authority of the person, or persons, who created the Laws. If we live in one
of the united States and we never visit France, we are never subject to the
Laws of France, no matter how good, or bad, they may be.

Even though we may live in one of the united States, if we never visit any other
State we will never be subject to the Laws of that State. We are only subject
to the Laws that apply to us, and that have been created by a person, or
persons, who have the proper authority to create such Laws.

We must note that God's Laws are supreme. If any of Man's Laws conflict
with the Laws of God, then Man's Laws are null and void, and of
no force or effect. We do not have to obey any Laws that are in
conflict with the Laws of God.

What do we mean by the term Laws?

All of our lives we have heard about Laws.

Basically there there are two types of Laws.
There are Laws that require us to perform certain tasks
and there are Laws that prohibit us from doing certain things.

In considering a Law, or a System of Laws we must ask ourselves

Who created the Laws?

What authority did they have to create the Laws?

Why, and how, do they affect us?

If we are bound by the Laws, under what terms and conditions did our
obligation arise, and, if we do not want to be bound by the Law is there
a way to cancel our obligation?

Since we are primarily concerned with the
Constitution for the united States of America
we will consider:

What the Constitution is.

The authority behind the Creators of the Constitution.

What the Constitution really says.

Who is subject to the Laws in the Constitution, and,
in what manner they are subject to the Constitution.

What the Constitution means to us today.

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