Dinnerly is a stretchy subscription meal kit delivery service that delivers fresh ingredients for simple recipes each week at a reasonable price with Dinnerly Promo Codes.  There are a minimum of 28 weekly recipes to choose from, and all can be ready in five simple steps within 30 minutes.

Dinnerly offers quality ingredients, though there are fewer ingredients per dish, which means less cutting and cleaning. In addition, Dinnerly uses digital recipes cards which helps to keep its prices down and lower its carbon footprint.


There are 28 fast, easy and tasty meals starting from $4.69 per person. There are two plans offered by dinnerly. The Couple Plan serves two and a family plan that serves four people. Both plans offer meals for three to six days for the week. The cost per portion decreases with the more you order with Dinnerly Promo Codes. There is a shipping charge of $8.99 for the entire week regardless of how many meals you ordered.


First, select how many people you are feeding and the number of meals you are looking for. You are prompted to enter your zip code which will give you options for delivery dates and times based on your area of living.

After entering your payment information, you can select your meals. You are asked what kind of recipes you like and are given options to select vegetarian, beef, fish, lamb, poultry, etc. You can choose your recipes from the available menu in your box.

Dinnerly offers meals kits and delivers most ingredients for each recipe except pantry staples such as salt, pepper, sugar, butter, and oil. You will also need to have certain cooking tools on hand, such as baking sheets and skillets. The recipes offered each week include pasta dishes, burgers, and stews.


Among the more than two dozen meals on offer, each week are exclusive vegetarian meals such as soups, flat breads, and pasta dishes. Since Dinnerly is a subscription service, you are billed five to six days in advance of your delivery day, depending on the shipment time of your box and delivery area.

Dinnerly offers mostly starter meals. However, for special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day, the services have brunch and dessert options. You can often add extra protein, sides, and charmers to your orders.


All Dinnerly meal kits ingredients are reached in a large box on your doorstep. A compressed cotton liner and reusable ice packs are in the box to keep the contents cool. Most ingredients are packaged in plastic caps except for some ingredients like onions, potatoes, and tomatoes. A piece of cardboard detached the proteins on the bottom from the remaining ingredients.


All the recipes are available on the Dinnerly website and in the mobile app. The best ways to get in touch with Dinnerly Customer Service are Phone, Chat, Email, Facebook, and Twitter. The Customer Service Team provides automated support 24/7 through the chatbox of the website.

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