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Constructive Notice and Challenge to Authority

The U. S. Supreme Court has ruled that if you are confronted by anyone who represents themselves as an officer or agent of any of our governmental agencies, it is our right, duty, and obligation to verify:

Just because they have a badge, are wearing a uniform, or are driving what appears to be an official vehicle, does not grant them any power or authority over you.

As has been said many times, "You must know the law and be well disposed to use it"

We, the Sovereign People
of the several States,
will reclaim our Republic NOW!!! Get Details


Constitutional Concepts Foundation has filed with the Federal Election Commission to create its own Political Action Committee

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Learn about the Christian background of the founders of our Nation.

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that provides all of the details.

America's Christian Roots

To Hell with the Democracy

Our Constitution established a Republic - and We, the People, have never changed it.
Those who are attempting to change our form of Government against the will of the People
have violated their Oath of Office and are guilty of
Treason Against the People!

What's the difference between a Republic and a Democracy?

The same as the difference between Freedom and Slavery


A form of government where the People rule, and God's law is supreme.

The people are free to enjoy their Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Each Citizen retains their "Unalienable Rights" and the government has no lawful power to violate, or even infringe upon, the rights of the People.

The government has no right, power, or authority to either persecute or prosecute the People. The People are Supreme.

Like Abraham Lincoln said:
"A government of the People, by the People, and for the People."


A form of government where the majority rules. Sometimes called "mob rule."

The privileges granted to the People by the majority are called "Constitutional Rights." But, like any privileges that can be granted they can also be taken away.

This system is fraught with the ever present potential that the majority will make slaves of the minority, and power hungry men and women will subvert the government for their own benefit.

God is outlawed, morality is destroyed and God's laws are totally disregarded. Eventually the majority attempts to install themselves as the god of the nation.


A form of government where a group of individuals have gained control over the actions and activities of the government and have placed themselves, and their cohorts, above the law, by claiming immunity from redress for themselves and their associates.

This is just a short step away from a full Dictatorship and absolute Tyranny.

Eventually, the People have no rights or privileges of any kind - they are slaves.

Fact: We have an Oligarchy established by the Attorneys and the Judges, and they have shared their claim of immunity with our public servants - the politicians! !

Let's Reclaim Our Republic! !

Constitutional Concepts Foundation
is dedicated to the restoration of our Republican form of government
and empowering the people with their proper authority to manage and control their government,
we have established a special Freedom Program -
Freedom Cooperative Association

Conspiracy of Deceit

Title of Liberty

Superior Common Law Court Manual

We Are Not a Corporation ! ! !

A detailed discussion of the importance of the Declaration of Independence
what the Constitution for the United States of America really is
What powers and authority We, the People, gave our Public Servants
and what power and authority they have over us

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